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Save up to 70% on the cost of return shipping.

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Save on return shipping costs

Reduce the cost of return shipping labels with our network of drop-off kiosks and processing hubs.


Resell returned items faster

Fulfill orders to your next customer faster and reduce the need to ship items back to fulfillment locations.


Access a nationwide drop-off network

Offer instant refunds and exchanges at in-drop-off locations that are convenient for your customers.


Be kinder to the environment

Reduce environmental impact by removing unnecessary shipments of returns to warehouses and 3PLs

“In Q4, we saw over half of our returns go through the drop-off locations! This saved us $$ as well since we were able to consolidate returns through ReturnBear" 

- Manny Alamwala, Director of Ecomm, Palladium Boots Canada


Let us take care of your returns, so you can focus on growing your sales.



"If there were 6 stars, we'd give them. This app has completely changed our returns processing and made our reverse logistics experience painless and smooth for the customer. The app is smooth, fast and totally seamless, and the options for the customer (and automation for us) are above and beyond what any other return apps offer.

Not to mention ReturnBear is an A+ partner, incredibly responsive and helpful and constantly working to improve their systems based on feedback."

Brandy Mercredi
Founder & CEO of FRANC